Limited, focused inventory - what could be easier? Everything about Gator Outfitters - from the product line to the marketing to the franchise management – is about keeping it simple. No games or gimmicks. Bottom line, we make premium outdoor apparel and gear and we avoid anything that complicates the process or our image.

We've got something that people want, good quality outdoor gear at great prices. We promise a great product at a great price and deliver on that promise. We tell it like it is. That's why customers have come to trust Gator Outfitters.

Makes it Happen
When you start a business in your garage and nurture it into a nation-wide franchise, that's execution. When you work your way up from store clerk to store owner, that's passion. And when you drive six hours out of your way to get the best deal and best quality, that's loyalty. We've been committed to making the world's best outdoor gear since day one and that's not about to change. As long as we're fanatical about Gator Outfitters, customers will be fanatical about Gator Outfitters.




Think you have what it takes?
1.You have to have the cash.
2.Real passion for our brand. If you don't dig it as much as we all dig it, this brand is not for you!
3.You've got to be a good, hard-working, well-intended individual, who respects yourself and others.
4.You've got to take specific, detailed, & disciplined direction extremely well.
5.You can't be a criminal.
6.You've got to love life, kids, music, dancing, your grandparents & the outdoors.
7.Last, be excited to work harder than you ever have in your life.




1.How can I open a Gator Outfitters' franchise?

Gator Outfitters actively seeks highly-qualified individuals to become franchisees. Prior business experience, coupled with personal financial qualifications, individual motivation and a track record of success are important factors in our evaluation process. If you are interested in pursuing single unit or area development opportunities as a Gator Outfitters franchisee, please click here to complete our in depth franchise application and a development representative will contact you shortly to discuss.

2.How much money do I need to open a franchise?
Individuals will need $80,000 in non-borrowed personal resources (liquid assets, e.g. cash, marketable securities, stocks, etc…) along with an overall net worth (total assets minus total liabilities) of $300,000 to qualify. Financing is to be secured through third-party lending sources. The total cost of each unit varies by size and location.

3.How much can I make as a Gator Outfitters franchisee?
We are restricted by the Federal Trade Commission and various state franchise sales regulations from providing you with specific profit projections. To learn more about actual experiences, we will encourage you to speak with existing franchisees during our application process.

4.How long does it take to open the store?
Each location is different, depending on a variety of factors. However, it typically takes approximately 6-8 months from signing the franchise agreement to opening day at your Gator Outfitters store.

5.What kind of training can I expect as a franchisee?
All new franchisees participate in a 7 week training program. This consists of 3 weeks of training and 4 weeks of real life management experience by way of our apprenticeship program in a franchised location. Once completed, franchisees receive regular updates to their training, including on site reviews.